Solutions for the complete sales cycle


"Interactive Salesware is
the perfect complement to a high-quality product like ours and is the type of sophisticated technology today’s customer expects.”

- Bill Tsao
SVP Sales & Marketing
Raintree Resorts

At the core of its product offerings, Vibes has developed an Interactive sales and marketing platform for customer acquisition, retention and lifetime value maximization. The platform provides fully integrated front-to-back sales and marketing solutions for the vacation rental, ownership and leisure real estate industries.



Customer Acquisition

VacationStorebuilder is an easy to use vacation-store-in-a-box that provides vacation rental and ownership properties the ability to instantly create and showcase your property-branded online store front, maximize your online presence, and drive customers to your targeted online vacation store.


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Interactive Sales Presentation

We have developed and deployed interactive, customer-centric sales presentations built on the Interactive Salesware platform to introduce guests to product offerings, collect user preferences, and produce a solution that is tailored to those patterns. Its 100% Web-based with no client-side installation.

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OnDemand Presentations

Comfort-friendly, private and mobile, OnDemand Interactive Presentations are 100% Web-based and powered by a central database, so customers can access customized sales presentations for your product that can operate in a sales center, at home, or from a wireless laptop anywhere.


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