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Concurrent with the formation of Vibes in 2005, the Vibes team began developing the first 100% web‐based sales platform tailored for the vacation ownership industry. This platform, known as “Interactive Salesware" enables the development and deployment of customized multimedia interactive sales presentations for vacation ownership resorts and clubs. The customer relationship module of Interactive Salesware was deployed for Raintree Vacation Club in 2006 and the multilingual interactive sales presentation system for Raintree Vacation Club was deployed in Raintree sales centers in March of 2008. This database‐driven Interactive Salesware can be characterized as a web‐based platform that powers customized timeshare and vacation club presentations. Available over the web, without requiring a client/PC installation, Vibes’ Interactive Salesware can be rapidly deployed to develop customized multimedia interactive sales presentations based on the proprietary sales process and assets of its clients. An integrated content management tool allows for on‐the‐fly updating of information to keep the system current with product/service offerings.


The Interactive Salesware Platform is powered by a set of engines and supported by a central database and framework to create customized vacation ownership presentation components. A customized multimedia interactive sales presentation can be developed and made live within months, based on the scope of the project.


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100% Web-based, database driven Rich Internet Application (“RIA”)


Visually compelling interactive presentation that showcases the vacation products


Personalized presentations for each target audience (e.g., families, singles, owners/members, trial members, etc.)


Customer access to all resorts, partner resorts and leisure products offered as Club benefits, including Exchange Company resort network


Intuitive and easy-to-use interface for vacation counselors and customers


Touch-screen interactivity to make presentation entertaining, informative and engaging


Flexibility for sales agents to maintain the control and pace of the presentation


Presentation and screen usage reporting metrics


Ability to offer multilingual presentations


Reliable, redundant and secure hosting


Dashboard manager for sales executives


Data collection for non-buyer and referral programs



Increase sales / volume per guest (VPG)


Reduce rescission with enhanced credibility and better product understanding


Provide a reliable and flexible interactive sales tool for vacation counselors


Enhance sales compliance through consistent best practices sales presentations that meet company standards


Gather valuable customer preferences and counselor interaction data for future sales, marketing, training and product development


Leverage tour-no-buy, reload and referral programs


Provide new-hire training



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