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Being able to not only bring the presentation to the customer, but to be invited by the customer to showcase and sell your product seems nearly impossible. However, in our on-the-go and on-demand society, the need for instant access continues to rise.


Vibes' OnDemand Presentations are designed to provide presentations to the customer - be it a self-guided kiosk or a presentation accessed from home.


Media-rich, database driven and completely Web-based, OnDemand presentations allow your product to be accessed 24/7, to engage customers on their terms, and create new sales to a previously untouched market.

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Web-based, database driven content that goes with the user.


Uninterrupted, compelling interactive presentation that showcases the vacation product


Personalized presentations for each target audience (e.g., families, singles, owners/members, trial members, etc.)


Continued customer access to all resorts, partner resorts and leisure products offered as Club benefits, including Exchange Company resort network


Intuitive and easy-to-use interface self-driven customer interaction


“Follow-me” interactivity to make presentation components entertaining, informative and engaging


Flexibility for customers to discover company product and benefits at their leisure, with increased exposure for targeted audiences


Presentation reporting metrics


Ability to offer multi-lingual presentations


Reliable, redundant and secure hosting


Analytical data presented for tracking metrics


Data collection for non-buyer and referral programs



Increase sales


Increase customer affinity


Reduce rescission with enhanced credibility and better product understanding


Provide a reliable and flexible interactive tool to enhance the sales process


Promote compliance through consistent best practices presentations that meet company standards


Gather valuable customer preferences data for future sales, marketing, training and product development


Leverage non-buyers and referrals


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