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Interactive Salesware is a 100% web-based, customer-centric, multimedia, interactive sales system developed for the vacation ownership industry by Vibes Interactive.


As a flexible, reliable and secure platform, Interactive Salesware  maximizes the customer lifetime value by leveraging the guest’s preference data to manage customer relationships and conduct future upgrades and marketing programs.






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Interactive Salesware Solutions:


Sales Presentations

OnDemand Presentations


Reliable and secure interactive multimedia sales presentations


Online Reload / Upgrade Presentations


User Manual Reporting / Usage Matrix


Non-buyer Marketing / Referral Online


Content Management


Build and manage customer relationships


Personalize product updates and promotion



Increase First Generation Sales


Increase value per guest (VPG)


Increase Reload and Upgrade


Leverage TNB and Referral Marketing


Personalize Customer Interactions


Generate Qualified Tours & Leads


Consistent brand management


Allows more data capturing, builds loyalty


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