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RealTimeRental Now Offers a Fully Integrated E-Commerce Website as an Option

RealTimeRental Now Provides a Complete Vacation Rental Property Management System
with Integrated E-Commerce Website Powered by Vacation Storebuilder

Ocean City, NJ & Chicago, IL – July 2011 – RealTimeRental (RTR), the leading web-based vacation rental property management solutions provider, announced today a new product by combining RealTimeRental’s web-based property management reservation software with integrated e-commerce websites, powered by Vacation Storebuilder.



Vacation Storebuilder, an advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, provides vacation rental property management companies the ability to quickly deploy and easily manage e-commerce websites which feature a built-in online marketing toolkit and an integrated online booking engine.



RTR clients will benefit from the Vacation Storebuilder platform to quickly deploy their own branded websites and increase revenue at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. This new product allows vacation rental managers to launch a variety of websites to showcase their vacation homes, drive traffic by leveraging built-in search engine and social media marketing channels, and increase online bookings.



“We are delighted to expand our relationship with Vacation Storebuilder (, said Sherry Tomasso, Co-Founder of RealTimeRental. The integration of our vacation rental software system with the Vacation Storebuilder platform provides our new clients with the option to have a ‘one stop shop’ for property management software, e-commerce websites and online marketing services.”



For current RTR clients – comprising of more than 100,000 vacation rental homes and properties in North America and over 200 property management companies|–|the branded e-commerce websites integrated with RTR’s state of the art property management software will be offered as an opt-in solution. More information can be found at



Added Sunil Aluvila, CEO of Vacation Storebuilder, “We are equally enthused to expand our relationship with RTR and help increase online vacation rental bookings for their clients by providing a variety of robust e-commerce websites that offer the types of features consumers see on large online travel websites and social media applications.”



“Vacation rental managers now have the option to choose the new all-in-one solution or a la carte, depending upon their needs, said John Slaughter, VP of Business Development for Vacation Storebuilder. The advantage to the new customers is that the integrated solution allows the managers to get their property management system in place and start generating revenue quickly through their own branded e-commerce websites powered by Vacation Storebuilder.”



About RealTimeRental
RealTimeRental (RTR) is the leading web-based Vacation Rental Management System, serving more than 100,000 vacation rental homes and properties in North America. RTR’s vacation rental software is installed by more than 200 property management companies. For more information visit



About Vacation Storebuilder
Vacation Storebuilder (VSB) is an advanced eCommerce Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that allows vacation rental property managers to rapidly deploy and easily manage a variety of branded vacation rental websites. Vacation Storebuilder’s turnkey solution provides robust websites to showcase properties with rich media, drive traffic with a built-in online marketing toolkit (SEO, PPC, social media and email), and increase conversion with an integrated online booking engine. Vacation Storebuilder is a division of Vibes Interactive LLC. For more information visit



For more information, please contact:



Sherry Tomasso
888-828-2303, ext. 402



John Slaughter
Vacation Storebuilder
847-784-9990 ext. 301






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